What Causes a Chimney to Crack? (Expert Answer!)

Cracked chimneys on the roof. Know the reasons what causes a chimney to crack.

While a properly functioning chimney is a blessing on cold winter nights, a cracked chimney poses extreme dangers to you and your loved ones. For instance, a cracked chimney can allow harmful gases, like carbon monoxide, to leak through the brick or the fireplace.  These gases can be incredibly toxic for you and your loved … Read more

Essential Chimney Stack Maintenance & Inspection Guide

Well maintained chimney stacks thru regular chimney stack maintenance.

Chimney maintenance goes a long way beyond sustaining good aesthetics. It’s a crucial task that protects your home, ensuring it remains a safe and warm place to live. Proper maintenance practices improve your chimney’s functionality, extend its durability, and minimize the chances of incurring expensive repairs. This comprehensive guide walks you through the fundamental aspects … Read more

DIY Chimney Leak Repair: Uncover Causes & Fixes

A man doing a chimney leak repair on the roof.

Chimney leaks are a common issue most property owners across the United States face. These leaks can result from various factors, from aging materials to poor construction and external environmental influences. If you’re experiencing any issues with your chimney, it’s crucial to prioritize chimney leak repair services. A chimney free from leaks preserves the structural … Read more

Chimney Fire Statistics: 5 Key Metrics Homeowners Must Know

A chimney on fire. Know more about chimney fire statistics.

For most homeowners, it’s the stuff of nightmares: smoke pouring from a chimney and flames licking at its edges. Chimney fire statistics, unfortunately, show this nightmare is very real — and potentially deadly. Backed by data from the United States Fire Administration (USFA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), here’s a rotten reality: thousands of … Read more

Why do I Have Two Chimneys? 5 Surprising Reasons

Two chimneys in one roof. But why do you need to have two chimneys? Find out more.

Why do I have two chimneys? It’s a question that may have crossed your mind as you gaze upon the twin stacks protruding from your roof. Chimneys, those familiar structures that channel smoke and gasses from fireplaces and furnaces, often come in pairs for surprising reasons. While it may seem unnecessary, there are several practical … Read more

How to Seal a Chimney Flue in 7 Simple Steps

A technician sealing a chimney flue. Know more on how to seal a chiney flue.

If your energy bills seem higher than expected, it might be because of your chimney flue. A poorly sealed chimney flue allows warm room air to escape. Because of this, your heating appliance will have to work harder to maintain the temperature in your house.  If this wasn’t enough to haunt you, an unsealed chimney … Read more