Do I Need a Chimney Cleanout Door? In-depth Analysis

A chimney cleanout vent. Ask yourself the question "Do I need a chimney cleanout door?" when planning one.

When pondering over the often-overlooked aspects of home maintenance, the question “Do I Need a Chimney Cleanout Door?” might not top your list. However, it’s an important aspect to consider.  A chimney cleanout door is defined as a secure, noncombustible cover that provides access to the fireplace. It plays a crucial role in preventing chimney … Read more

Chimney Cap Glowing Red: Dangers & Solutions Explained!

Chimney caps on two chimneys. Know why a chimney cap glowing red.

Chimney caps serve as invaluable protectors for homes equipped with fireplaces or wood-burning stoves. They shield against rain, debris, and unwanted critters while acting as barriers against hazardous sparks. Yet, if you notice your chimney cap glowing red, it’s crucial to determine the reasons, understand the associated dangers, and explore potential solutions. We created this … Read more

Solved! Do Chimney Cleaning Chemicals Work?

A man cleaning a chimney. Know if do chimney cleaning chemical work for real.

Fireplaces and chimneys are some of the most difficult areas to clean in your home. This would explain why there are so many instant cleaning products being advertised in the market today. But you’re probably wondering, do chimney cleaning chemicals work? It would depend on the situation, as different creosote buildups would require different solutions. … Read more

Chimney Inspection Checklist: Essential Homeowner’s Tips

A man following the chimney inspection checklist.

A well-maintained chimney is not just a picturesque addition to your home. It’s a vital element in ensuring the safety and functionality of your living space. Unfortunately, many homeowners underestimate the importance of regular chimney inspections, unknowingly putting their homes at risk. Here’s something to think about, over 90% of chimney-related incidents stem from creosote … Read more

Do Chimney Liners Prevent Chimney Fires? Facts & Benefits

A fireman trying to put out a chimney fire. But do chimney liners prevent chimney fires? Know more.

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is the thought of their cherished house going up in flames. While there are various causes of house fires, chimney fires are a particularly alarming and potentially devastating threat.  Did you know that approximately 25,000 home fires in the United States yearly stem from inadequate chimney maintenance? But before you lose … Read more

Chimney Rebuilding vs Chimney Repointing: Comparison Guide

Chimney rebuilding vs. chimney repointing. Know which method is better.

Over time, chimneys can deteriorate due to exposure to snow, rain, heat, and storms. When that happens, you’re faced with a crucial decision: Should you rebuild the chimney from scratch or choose the less expensive solution of repointing? Determining your best pick requires consideration and understanding of what these options offer. That’s why we’ve created … Read more

When Should Chimney Flashing be Replaced? (Expert Tips)

A chimney with new flashing. Determine when should chimney flashing be replaced.

When Should Chimney Flashing be Replaced? (Expert Tips) Chimney flashing, whether in your home or rental property, is vital in safeguarding your structure from water damage and structural problems. It acts as a protective barrier, keeping rain, snow, and debris out of the vulnerable area where your roof meets the chimney. Without proper chimney flashing, … Read more