6 Chimney Relining Options for Your Home

Chimney Relining Options

If you’re a homeowner, you probably don’t think about your chimney very often. But when you do, it’s probably because there’s a problem. Whether it’s a clog, a crack, or general wear and tear, problems with your chimney can be both a nuisance and a danger. According to research, the average lifespan of a chimney … Read more

9 Simple Steps To Eliminate Fireplace Smells in the Summer (Homeowner’s Guide)

fireplace smells in the summer

It’s summertime, but your fireplace produces a strange smell, unlike the pleasant, wood-burning smell you’re used to. You’re not the only one! This is a common occurrence, and there are several possible explanations. This guide will discuss what causes fireplace smells in the summer and how to remedy the situation.  Most of the smells entering … Read more

Level 2 Chimney Inspection: 6 Questions Explained

level 2 chimney inspection

Routine maintenance of your chimney is important for keeping it efficient and safe to use. That is why it is important to know about level 2 chimney inspection and when it is needed. In a level 2 chimney inspection, a certified chimney professional visually inspects the internal and external parts of your chimney. Special video … Read more