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Gas Fireplace Switch Won’t Work? 5 Key Reasons & Solutions

broken gas fireplace switch won't work.

While sitting next to the gas fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, and enjoying the warmth and the comforting ambiance in the cold winter, we hardly remember a crucial component behind this cozy scene—the gas fireplace switch. The gas fireplace switch ensures the fireplace’s safety by cutting the gas supply when necessary and preventing leaks. It’s also … Read more

Outdoor Fireplace vs. Fire Pit: Which One to Choose?

An outdoor fireplace vs fire pit compared.

There’s something magical about gathering around a warm, crackling fire with friends and family. Whether sipping hot cocoa or toasting marshmallows under the night sky, there’s always a special moment to mark with the outdoor fire. These and other features have popularized outdoor heating, with outdoor fireplaces and fire pits leading the way. A landscaping … Read more

Chimney Rebuilding vs Chimney Repointing: Comparison Guide

Chimney rebuilding vs. chimney repointing. Know which method is better.

Over time, chimneys can deteriorate due to exposure to snow, rain, heat, and storms. When that happens, you’re faced with a crucial decision: Should you rebuild the chimney from scratch or choose the less expensive solution of repointing? Determining your best pick requires consideration and understanding of what these options offer. That’s why we’ve created … Read more

Basement Fireplace Gas vs Electric: Which Wins?

A basement fireplace gas vs electric fireplace compared.

A fireplace in the basement holds a unique charm, offering beauty and comfort. Yet, the choice between gas and electric fireplaces can be puzzling. For homeowners, whether you already own a fireplace in your basement or are considering installing one, understanding the differences between basement fireplace gas vs electric is vital. We’re here to make … Read more

Is It Legal to Burn Wood in a Fireplace in California?

A woman burning firewood in a wood stove. Find out - is it legal to burn wood in a fireplace in California.

There’s nothing quite like the cozy warmth and comforting crackle of a wood-burning fireplace. Yet, homeowners in California face an important question: Is it legal to burn wood in a fireplace in California? As regulations and concerns about air quality continue to evolve, it’s essential to understand the laws and regulations surrounding wood burning in … Read more

When Should Chimney Flashing be Replaced? (Expert Tips)

A chimney with new flashing. Determine when should chimney flashing be replaced.

When Should Chimney Flashing be Replaced? (Expert Tips) Chimney flashing, whether in your home or rental property, is vital in safeguarding your structure from water damage and structural problems. It acts as a protective barrier, keeping rain, snow, and debris out of the vulnerable area where your roof meets the chimney. Without proper chimney flashing, … Read more

Outdoor Fireplace Repair, Maintenance, Costs & More

An outdoor fireplace. Know more about outdoor fireplace repair.

According to an EPA survey, more than 17.5 million fireplaces exist in American homes. This growing trend is not surprising, given the numerous benefits and charming ambiance these structures can bring to your house. However, with the increasing number of outdoor fireplaces, it becomes crucial to highlight the significance of proper maintenance. This article explores … Read more