How to Block Cold Air From Fireplace in 4 Easy Steps

woman feel cold air from fireplace

Ironically, the thing that’s supposed to bring warmth into your home is also the thing that can let cold air in. If you have a fireplace, you’ve probably noticed that it can make your home feel drafty and chilly. The best way to block cold air from fireplace is to inspect the fireplace damper and … Read more

Chimney Repointing Explained: How to Safeguard Your Home

Chimney repointing

Chimney repointing s an essential process that involves restoring the deteriorating mortar of a chimney by replacing it with new mortar, This not only strengthens your chimney but also extends its lifespan. Homeowners often confuse different terms like repointing, tuckpointing, and rebuilding.  In this guide, we will clarify these terms and explain why each of … Read more

Stucco Chimney Repair: Everything Homeowners MUST Know!

Stucco Chimney Repair finish

For decades, stucco has been used as a finish material for chimneys because it is long-lasting, affordable, and attractive. Initially, stucco was used primarily in dry, sandy environments, but its application expanded to various climates over time. Like any construction material, stucco may deteriorate due to exposure to elements such as rain and snow, necessitating … Read more