Top Gas Fireplace Types: Costs, Features & Designs

Built in gas fireplace type

Gas fireplaces are gaining popularity as people transition from traditional wood-burning fireplaces to more convenient gas alternatives. But before you rush to the store, it’s essential to be familiar with the various gas fireplace types and their features. Knowing about them will give you a competitive edge when selecting a gas fireplace, ensuring you choose … Read more

12 Fireplace Restoration Ideas That Will Revive Any Home

brick fireplace restoration

A fireplace is an important part of your home, and you should strive to take good care of it. Over time, fireplaces get damaged, leading to dangerous house fires and smoke entering your house. That is why you need to restore your fireplace if it is old or damaged. Fireplace restoration ensures that your fireplace … Read more

Gas vs Wood Burning Fireplace: What’s the Verdict?

gas vs wood burning fireplace

Whether you’re looking to get a fireplace for your new home or thinking of replacing your old, worn-out fireplace, it’s important to compare gas and wood-burning fireplaces. A thorough understanding of these technologies will help you decide which suits your requirements. The following article gives a thorough comparison of gas vs wood burning fireplaces based … Read more

9 Simple Steps To Eliminate Fireplace Smells in the Summer (Homeowner’s Guide)

fireplace smells in the summer

It’s summertime, but your fireplace produces a strange smell, unlike the pleasant, wood-burning smell you’re used to. You’re not the only one! This is a common occurrence, and there are several possible explanations. This guide will discuss what causes fireplace smells in the summer and how to remedy the situation.  Most of the smells entering … Read more