Gas vs Wood Burning Fireplace: What’s the Verdict?

gas vs wood burning fireplace

Whether you’re looking to get a fireplace for your new home or thinking of replacing your old, worn-out fireplace, it’s important to compare gas and wood-burning fireplaces. A thorough understanding of these technologies will help you decide which suits your requirements. The following article gives a thorough comparison of gas vs wood burning fireplaces based … Read more

9 Simple Steps To Eliminate Fireplace Smells in the Summer (Homeowner’s Guide)

fireplace smells in the summer

It’s summertime, but your fireplace produces a strange smell, unlike the pleasant, wood-burning smell you’re used to. You’re not the only one! This is a common occurrence, and there are several possible explanations. This guide will discuss what causes fireplace smells in the summer and how to remedy the situation.  Most of the smells entering … Read more