4 Double Sided Fireplace Problems That Should NOT Be Ignored

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Double-sided fireplaces are popular in most new homes. They feature openings on two opposite sides, allowing a shared view of the flames and the feeling of cozy heat from multiple rooms. However, double-sided fireplaces bring potential issues, including poor draft and installation problems.

Identifying and understanding these common double sided fireplace problems will help ensure your home’s safety and your family’s well-being. This article will provide an overview of common issues with double-sided fireplaces. It will also cover the causes and solutions to help you take proactive measures.

In addition, we will highlight the pros and cons of double-sided fireplaces to provide you with a balanced understanding of what the fireplace can offer.

Common Problems with Double Sided Fireplaces

Two sided fireplace

Like most complex systems, double-sided fireplaces offer certain challenges. Let’s explore common double-sided fireplace problems you may encounter and provide valuable insights into addressing them. 

1. Poor Draft

Draft refers to the movement of air in a fireplace or chimney. It’s the force that pulls air into the fireplace, allowing the fire to burn brightly and the smoke to rise and exit through the chimney.

A double-sided fireplace experiences poor draft because it’s open to two spaces with different air pressure conditions. The conflicting airflow from both sides disrupts the proper operation of the draft, leading to inefficient burning and potential smoke spillage.

This scenario is a prime example of common fireplace issues that homeowners often face, highlighting the need for careful design and maintenance.

For instance, when one side of the fireplace is lit, the warm air and smoke generated by the fire will naturally rise and create an updraft, drawing in fresh air from the room where the fire is not burning. However, if the other side of the fireplace is experiencing negative pressure or is significantly cooler, it can interfere with the proper operation of the draft.

This leads to a “backdraft effect,” where air from the colder or negatively pressurized room flows into the side of the fireplace with the fire, disrupting the upward flow of smoke and reducing the efficiency of the draft.

Causes of Poor Draft

  • Insufficient chimney height: A shorter chimney does not provide enough upward pull to effectively draw in the fresh air and exhaust smoke. As a result, the smoke lingers in the fireplace and even backflows into the room instead of being carried up and out.
  • Blockages or obstructions: Debris, creosote buildup, bird nests, or other blockages within the chimney can impede the airflow, leading to poor drafts. These obstructions restrict air passage and can disrupt the normal functioning of the fireplace, causing smoke to accumulate within the firebox or even backflow into the room.
  • Negative air pressure: Negative air pressure occurs when there is an imbalance between the air pressure inside and outside the house. This imbalance can interfere with the draft, making it difficult for the fireplace to draw in the necessary air for combustion and causing poor airflow.


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Solutions to Poor Draft

  • Adjust the chimney height: Extend the chimney to the recommended height for maximum air circulation and a stronger draft to address this issue. Ideally, the chimney should be at least 2 feet above the highest point where it passes through the roof. Consult with a professional chimney contractor or fireplace specialist to help you determine the appropriate height and ensure the chimney extension is done correctly.
  • Regular chimney cleaning and inspection: We recommend regular chimney inspections and cleaning by a professional sweep to help remove these blockages and restore the draft.
  • Seek professional advice: Consulting with an HVAC specialist can help you identify and resolve issues related to negative air pressure, like ventilation or air leaks. Also, installing glass doors on your fireplace or a draft-inducing chimney cap will create positive pressure on the flue, enhancing the draft.

2. Installation Problems

Installing a double sided fireplace. Installation can cause Double Sided Fireplace Problems.

Installing a double-sided fireplace is a complex procedure and requires a professional for the job. Attempting to DIY might lead to various installation problems, like poor performance, safety hazards, and compromised fireplace functionality.

Causes of Installation Problems

  • Improper clearances: Double-sided fireplaces have specific clearance requirements that dictate the distance between the fireplace and combustible materials, including walls, floors, and mantels. Failure to maintain these clearances during installation can lead to fire hazards and damage to surrounding structures.
  • Inadequate ventilation: Improperly designed or installed ventilation systems can result in restricted airflow, poor draft, and inadequate smoke removal, affecting the fireplace’s overall performance. This is where the role of properly executed smoke chamber parging becomes crucial, as it aids in creating a smoother surface for optimal airflow and smoke evacuation.
  • Incorrect sizing: An oversized double-sided fireplace can generate excessive heat, making your home uncomfortable and potentially causing damage to nearby materials. Conversely, an undersized fireplace may struggle to provide sufficient warmth to your home and fail to meet the heating requirements of the area.

Solutions to Installation Problems

  • Follow manufacturer’s guidelines: Carefully follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and installation instructions.
  • Ensure proper ventilation: Due to the complexity of installing a double-sided fireplace, we highly recommend you engage the professional help of certified fireplace installers or contractors. These experts have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle the installation process, ensuring proper positioning, venting, and adherence to building codes.
  • Adequate fireplace sizing: We highly recommend you consult a fireplace expert to help with the calculations. This will ensure the fireplace is appropriately sized for your home, eliminating this installation problem.

3. Expensive Maintenance Costs

While these stunning fireplaces create a cozy ambiance, they often require expensive maintenance. 

Causes of Expensive Maintenance Cost

  • Frequent maintenance: Double-sided fireplaces require regular inspection and cleaning, necessitating a fireplace professional’s services. Neglecting these maintenance tasks may cause creosote buildup and component wear and tear, leading to more extensive and costly repairs in the long run.
  • Complex design: Double-sided fireplaces often have intricate venting systems, multiple flues, and additional components compared to traditional fireplaces. Servicing and repairing these complex systems may require specialized knowledge, tools, and expertise, resulting in higher service charges or maintenance costs.

Solutions to Expensive Maintenance Cost

  • Shop for options: Look for quotes from a variety of fireplace providers or request discounts from your current fireplace contractor.
  • Prioritize preventative maintenance: You should prioritize preventative maintenance by implementing a proactive approach. This includes adhering to recommended cleaning and maintenance schedules to prevent more significant problems from developing and, ultimately, reducing overall maintenance costs.

4. Stain on the Walls

Water stains on walls. White stains from water is a sign of Double Sided Fireplace Problems.

Double-sided fireplaces may cause mineral stains on the walls, resulting in unsightly white deposits. These stains occur when water seeps through the surface and dissolves minerals, leaving residue behind.

Causes of Stain on the Walls

  • Condensation: Double-sided fireplaces generate a large amount of heat, resulting in a temperature difference between the warm interior air and the cooler walls. This temperature differential can cause condensation on the wall surfaces, introducing moisture containing various minerals from the environment. As this moisture evaporates, it leaves discolored stains and patches on the walls.

Solutions to Stain on the Walls

  • Ensure proper airflow: To keep your double-sided fireplace looking great, proper ventilation of the area is key! Keep an eye on the temperatures in and around the fireplace to ensure that condensation does not occur and cause staining. You can also regularly maintain your double-sided fireplace by using a gentle cleaning solution to help keep stains away.

Double-Sided Fireplace Pros and Cons

Evaluate the pros and cons of double-sided fireplaces carefully. This will help you make an informed choice that aligns with your purchasing needs and preferences.


Below are some advantages of installing a double side fireplace in your home:

Energy Efficient 

One of the primary advantages of double-sided fireplaces is their ability to provide heat to multiple rooms in your home. This eliminates the need for separate heating sources in each room, reducing energy consumption. 

Additionally, double-sided fireplaces often come equipped with features that allow you to have independent temperature control in each room. This zone heating capability enables you to adjust the heat output in specific areas, tailoring it to your preference.

Enhanced Interior Design

An aesthetically pleasing double sided fireplace. The aesthetic is one of the pros when dealing with Double Sided Fireplace Problems.

Another top standout feature of double-sided fireplaces is their dual view that allows the mesmerizing flame display to be enjoyed from multiple angles. This creates a captivating focal point that adds warmth and visual interest to your home. The dual view of the fireplace becomes a striking architectural element that serves as a centerpiece, enhancing your home’s overall design and ambiance.

Versatile Heating Options

Having two fireplaces in one chimney also offers versatility in fuel options, providing choices that suit your preferences and heating needs. Depending on the fireplace model, you can select from gas-powered, wood-burning, or electric fireplaces.

Each fuel type offers advantages, such as the rustic charm and crackling sound of a wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace’s convenience and instant heat. This versatility allows you to select the fuel source that aligns with your lifestyle, comfort, and heating requirements.

Increase Home Value

Double-sided fireplaces add a touch of luxury, sophistication, and visual appeal to any space. When prospective buyers see a double-sided fireplace, they envision the cozy ambiance and architectural statement it makes. This uniqueness and desirability can significantly enhance your home value.


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Installing a double-sided fireplace in your home has some disadvantages.

Expensive Installation

Double-sided fireplaces are typically larger and heavier than standard fireplaces due to their unique design and dual-sided functionality. The wall’s structural integrity must be assessed to ensure it can securely handle the added weight and support the fireplace. 

This requires professional contractors or structural engineers to ensure a safe and stable installation. The experts assess the load-bearing capacity of the wall, evaluate any necessary modifications or reinforcements, and ensure that the installation complies with building codes and regulations.

As a result, their expertise and specialized equipment add to the overall cost of the installation process.

Furthermore, the complexity of installing a double-sided fireplace can contribute to higher expenses. Double-sided fireplaces require careful planning, precise measurements, and expert installation to ensure proper functionality and safety.

The process may involve multiple components, such as venting systems, flues, and chimney arrangements, which require skilled labor and expertise to install correctly.

Maintenance Issues

The cost of maintaining a double-sided fireplace can be higher than standard fireplaces. The system’s complexity, specialized components, and the need for professional assistance can contribute to increased maintenance expenses. 

For instance, chimney and fireplace maintenance requires the services of experienced chimney sweeps or technicians with specialized knowledge. Additionally, any repairs or replacements of damaged parts, such as firebricks, refractory panels, or ventilation components, can add to the overall maintenance costs.


Ventilation Problems

Double-sided fireplaces require proper airflow to ensure efficient combustion and to carry away smoke and gases produced during the burning process. This is because inadequate ventilation can result in restricted airflow, leading to incomplete combustion, excessive smoke, and poor fireplace performance.

Insufficient airflow can also cause the buildup of carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas that can pose serious health risks. Ensuring that the ventilation system, including the chimney, flue, and vents, is properly designed and functioning to provide sufficient airflow is crucial.


There are common problems associated with double-sided fireplaces. The process can be overwhelming due to poor drafts, installation problems, and expensive maintenance costs.

That’s why regular professional maintenance and installation are of the utmost essence for double-sided fireplaces. It helps address creosote buildup, ash removal, and component wear and tear, ensuring the fireplace is safe and efficient.

Nevertheless, double-sided fireplaces are excellent for aesthetic appeal, ambiance, and energy efficiency. Despite the potential challenges, adhering to the guidelines above can help you mitigate these problems and ensure a delightful and cozy fireplace experience in your home.

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