Peter Kamau

Peter Kamau

Peter Kamau

Expertise: Skilled in Home Improvement and


Experience: 10 years of experience in the home

improvement and construction field


"I'm passionate about turning Home Improvement and DIY from ideas into action, offering insights and tips that inspire confidence in every project."


With a solid foundation in Home Improvement/Construction, Higher Education, Project Management, Facility Management, and Technology, I’ve honed my skills to cater to various topics.

As an informative and conversational writer, I specialize in translating complex, hard-to-understand topics into easily digestible content. I believe everyone should have access to valuable information regardless of their background. My writing reflects this philosophy, making even the most intricate DIY or construction concepts accessible to readers of all levels.

Over the years, I’ve contributed to various publications, leaving my mark on platforms such as Golden Chimney, Ringy, GetEducated, Roketto Marketing, and Garage Insiders, among many others. My diverse experience reflects the breadth of topics I’ve covered, showcasing my ability to adapt to different niches.