Ahmed Shoaib

Ahmed Sohaib

Ahmed Sohaib

Expertise: Mechanical Engineer

Experience: 5 years in creative and technical



"I turn complex projects into easily digestible insights, making mastery accessible to everyone."


Ahmed, with a dynamic background in Mechanical Engineering, has seamlessly transitioned into a prolific writing career over the past 5 years.

Ahmed’s profound expertise shines brightest in home improvement and construction, fields where his engineering background and five years of dedicated writing meld to offer insightful, actionable advice. This specialized focus has made him a trusted voice for readers seeking to transform their spaces, demonstrating a unique ability to simplify complex projects into manageable tasks.

Ahmed’s versatile writing has graced the pages of esteemed platforms like MakeUseOf, HorsyPlanet, Eventify, NotJustLaptops, and BeverlyHillsMagazine, where he is celebrated for crafting content that doesn’t just captivate but also enlightens his audience, empowering them towards more enriched, joyful lives.