Pellet Stove Repair: Everything Homeowners MUST Know!

A pellet stove inside the living room. Know more about Pellet Stove Repair.

Pellet stoves have gained significant popularity as a reliable and efficient heating source in many households. Homeowners seeking cost-effective heating solutions prefer these stoves due to their convenience and environmentally-friendly nature.  However, ensuring pellet stoves’ safe and efficient operation requires proper maintenance and timely pellet stove repairs. From identifying common issues to discussing repair techniques … Read more

Vented vs Ventless Gas Fireplaces Comparison Guide

A Vented vs Ventless Gas Fireplaces. Know the pros and cons for each.

In your journey for finding the perfect gas fireplace, you’ve likely encountered the two predominant types on the market: vented and ventless. The choice between them isn’t just about picking a heating appliance, it’s about understanding the nuances that define your home’s warmth and ambiance. A vented gas fireplace requires a chimney or flue system … Read more

Fireplace Removal 101: Cost, Process & Essential Tips

Removing a Fireplace From Middle of House is no easy task. It involves a lot of work like what is shown in the picture.

Are you considering getting rid of that old fireplace in your home? You’re not the only one. Recent data from Statista shows a notable decrease in the popularity of fireplaces installations in recent years. In 2017, less than 320,000 new homes were built with fireplaces, a significant drop from the 818,000 homes constructed with fireplaces … Read more

How To Fix a Chimney Flashing Leak in 3 Easy Steps

Do you notice water entering your house through the chimney? Chances are, you have a bad chimney flashing that requires repair or replacement. Unprofessional roofing contractors often use low-grade materials (such as aluminum or copper), which lose their integrity over time, resulting in the roof and flashing leaks. It’s important to deal with flashing leaks … Read more

Chimney vs Flue vs Vent: What is the Difference?

chimney vs flue vs vent comparison

Proper ventilation is crucial for safety and efficiency in heating appliances such as fireplaces, wood stoves, and furnaces. Three common terms that often get confused are chimney, flue, and vent. While they may seem interchangeable, they have distinct differences and serve different purposes. Understanding the differences between these terms is essential for making informed decisions … Read more