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Providing Round-The-Clock Chimney Maintenance

The chimney on your home’s roof requires an inspection at least once a year from a professional chimney sweep to help prevent greasy soot fires in a shaft. In addition to providing inspections and repairs to chimneys and auxiliary equipment, Golden Gate Chimney in Oakland, Calif., is able to restore fireboxes and shafts to make the devices usable. If you have recently bought a new home or business with an ancient or nonfunctioning chimney, then contacting Golden Gate Chimney today is the perfect solution. We provide information, quotes and services round-the-clock with an easy online form or telephone call.

Thorough Inspections before Beginning Chimney Restoration

The chimney in a building begins inside with the fireplace that is located under the mantle. The firebox is where homeowners place logs before lighting a fire. When the fire is lit, the heat and smoke rise upward in the shaft to the exterior chimney. Any or all of these parts of a chimney’s system occasionally require restoration in order for someone to light a fire safely in the firebox. New homeowners may have no understanding of how to inspect a chimney to make sure it is structurally sound. However, the professional chimney technicians at Golden Gate Chimney know exactly how to determine if the chimney’s structures are safe enough to use.

We Determine the Restoration Needed to Make the Chimney Safe

Our chimney sweeps begin by inspecting the exterior of the chimney that is located inside the building and on the rooftop. We use a bucket truck or extension ladder to check the shaft on the roof. Some of the chimney problems we look for include:

  • Rust on metal parts such as the cap or cover.
  • Crumbling stone or brick.
  • Missing mortar or grouting.
  • Damage such as holes and cracks.
  • Debris buildup from creosote, bird’s nests or plants.
  • Corrosion from moisture or wind.

Not only do we check the chimney shaft, our technicians look at the entire roof to determine if there are cracks or holes where smoke can enter an attic or walls, leading to dangers from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Golden Gate Chimney Provides Customized Restoration Services

We must also inspect the interior of the shaft with cameras and video equipment to find damage that requires repairs such as replacing metal liners or mortar to prevent smoke from entering a building. This video and camera inspection continues inside the building with technicians inserting the devices in the firebox. Each chimney has a different interior and exterior structure that requires a customized restoration process to work properly in addition to providing warmth in a building. Our Golden Gate Chimney team will provide options for customers concerning restoration that meets local building and safety codes.

Expert Chimney Rebuilding from a Professional Company

Older chimneys made of brick or stone require expert rebuilding to ensure the mortar is stabilized correctly to withstand rough weather and earthquakes. Lining the interior surfaces with metal is the best way to prevent dangerous fires inside the shaft the can burn through walls. In addition, we can restore or replace chimney caps that are designed to keep out moisture from heavy rainstorms or invasive wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons and bats. Many of our customers also want a chimney that is aesthetically pleasing with the rest of the building’s exterior or interior décor.

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