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Chimney Repair

Fireplaces are deceptively simple-looking fixtures. It might seem like all there is is a place to build a fire and a chimney to carry the smoke away. In reality, things like soot build-up, malfunctioning controls, or deterioration of the structure itself can lead to big problems that include major safety hazards. In fact, one in four house fires can be traced back to chimney failures. To keep this from happening, Golden Gate Chimney covers everything from cleaning to inspections to repair.

Clearing The Way

Having regular chimney cleanings is the best way to keep things from getting out of control. No matter how efficient the fireplace is, not all the materials in wood or manufactured fireplace logs gets completely burned. This material contacts the cooler regions of the chimney and accumulates as creosote. Enough of a creosote buildup can restrict airflow so that fireplace heat exceeds safe levels. At this point, the chimney may crack, exposing wooden structures to the heat. It’s also often possible for flaming pieces of creosote to be carried out of the chimney and land on the roof. Golden Gate Chimney has the skilled personnel and powerful vacuuming equipment to thoroughly remove creosote without any messes. Besides the ability of cleaning to head off trouble, it also makes a basic inspection faster, easier, and more accurate.


According to the National Fire Protection Association or NFPA, there are three distinct sorts of chimney inspections labeled levels 1, 2, and 3. A level 1 inspection only involves taking a look at things and is standard when the fireplace system hasn’t been modified and nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. Even with this simple procedure, a trained expert can identify possible problems. Level 2 examinations are a requirement if the home is up for sale. They also come into play if the fireplace has been altered or is being used in a dissimilar manner like placing a wood stove in the hearth. Also, if the fireplace is not operating correctly or has sustained damage like a lightning strike that can seriously affect its functioning, this type of inspection is called for. Level 2 examinations are also visual but use a specialized camera that professionals like Golden Gate Chimney are supplied with to cover the entire system. Finally, if either a level 1 or 2 viewing indicate trouble, a more extensive inspection that includes physical removal of chimney parts as needed is executed called a level 3 exam.

Putting Things Right

If our cleanings or inspections have revealed problems, Golden Gate Chimney can take care of this as well. Starting at the bottom, we can fix dampers so they’ll properly shut out cold drafts and control the burn rate of the fire again. Replacing flue linings are another area of expertise. At the top of the flue, items like caps, crowns, chase pans, and chase covers can also be restored to their functional condition so everything from rain and snow to unwanted critters are kept out. We also have the know-how and tools for total chimney restorations that have included the chimneys of historical buildings.

Chimney Repair Services

We provide a whole range of expert chimney repair services covering every aspect of the Chimney.

Our commitment is in making sure your family is safe and your chimney is in the best working condition giving you the peace of mind your family deserves.

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