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Chimney Crown Repair

Your chimney is a small structure, just like a house or other building. It needs to be professionally built to withstand the effects of moisture, wind, and pollutants. One of the most common problems associated with chimneys involves the design and shape of the mortar cap, also known as the chimney crown.

If the top of your chimney is showing signs of flaking or cracking, and if moisture is dripping down into the chimney interior, it is time to call in a professional repair expert. Leaving this problem unattended will eventually result in a deterioration of the mortar that holds the bricks in place. A buildup of salt deposits caused by the alkaline air in the San Francisco Bay area is another problem encountered by those who have a leaky chimney crown.

What To Watch For

Many homes – and not just the older ones – here in the San Francisco area are constructed with a chimney topped by a simple concrete or cement cap. This means trouble down the road. When heat escapes upwards through the chimney, the flue expands and the seal can pop, causing immediate damage to the entire crown.

If the crown is not properly sloped, standing water can then percolate down through the gap in the flue ring. This is an invitation for major repair work in the future. It is important to perform a roof inspection once or twice per year to check for any signs of a weakened chimney crown.

Expert Repair Service From Golden Gate Chimney

Chimney mortar cap repair or replacement is actually quite affordable so long as the problem is fixed at an early stage of deterioration. A properly fitted chimney crown contains a specially designed and custom-shaped flashing made from copper or galvanized steel.

The crown itself should be sloped downward about three inches per linear foot to prevent standing water from accumulating, and it should extend at least two inches beyond the edge of the chimney wall. This overhang will ensure that dripping water falls directly onto the roof instead of trickling down the chimney wall.

At Golden Gate Chimney, crown repair and replacement is one of our specialties. We perform a thorough inspection of the chimney and can quickly identify the source of any water seepage or the cause of any mortar cap flaking or cracking.

Removing a simple concrete cap and replacing it with a brick crown is a relatively simple procedure. Most repair or replacement operations require only a couple of hours to place the new cap, and a day for the new cement or mortar to dry.

Complete Service Throughout The Bay Area

Wherever you live in the San Francisco metro area, we serve your community. Our company is on-call 24 hours per day, seven days a week. We have a convenient customer query page where you can contact us with questions about chimney crown replacement. We will respond by phone or email and give you a preliminary price quote, and we can schedule an inspection for whenever the time is right for you.

Our company repair techs are licensed and bonded. We offer the most complete chimney crown repair services in the region, and all our work is guaranteed.

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