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The Importance of Professional Chimney Cleaning Services

Chimneys get lots of regular use. Chimneys that act as outlets for central heating units and those that are installed with fireplaces need regular maintenance. Chimneys build up residue on internal chambers. The more heavily used the chimney is, the greater the build up becomes. In wood burning fireplaces, creosote is the chief source of chimney fire when the build up reduces the free flow of air in the flue chamber. In chimneys that are outlets for central heating, the constant flow of heated air builds up dust and this can also become dangerous. Professional chimney cleaning services can keep chimneys sparkling clean and always ready for use.

Gold Gate Chimney – Professional Chimney Cleaning Services

The best way to maintain chimneys is to set up an annual contract for professional chimney cleaning services. In Gold Gate Chimney is ready to provide annual chimney cleaning services at reasonable rates. A regular annual chimney cleaning is far less expensive than repair a chimney or home after a chimney fire occurs.

State-of-the-Art Cleaning Equipment is Important

At Golden Gate Chimney, customers are assured of highest quality service and comprehensive state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. Golden Gate Chimney Cleaning Services maintains the highest reputation in the Bay Area Region. Setting up an inspection and cleaning service call is fast. Visit and simply fill out the quote request and submit. Questions can also be discussed by phone by calling 415-870-2173 and speaking to one of the friendly Golden Gate experts. They are available 24/7 the year round. Keep in mind that new homes need chimney cleaning inspections to insure that design and construction meets all safety regulations.

Cleaning and Inspections to Avoid Potential Hazards

Golden Gate Chimney thoroughly inspects chimneys for potential hazards, damage and other defects and flaws that can cause a chimney fire. For many unsuspecting residents of the Greater Bay Area this can be a huge relief to know that a problem has been detected during an inspection. Golden Gate Chimney professionals will discuss these issues and offer the best suggestions for repairs if needed. Whether your chimney is used regularly or has been unused for a long period of time, a regular cleaning will insure the chimney is safe.

Not Just a Broom, a Mop and a Brush

Golden Gate Chimney Cleaning pros use telescoping cleaning implements that allow them to “see” the inside of the chimney and make certain residue and debris are fully removed. Debris is neatly contained and removed upon completion.

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