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How To Handle Wood Ash From Your Fireplace

How to Handle Wood Ash from your Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, you want to make sure every part of your fireplace is working right. When it comes to handling wood ash from your fireplace you should be aware of what you must do with the ashes from your fireplace and when to do it. 

The warmth of a wood-burning fireplace is one of the things most people enjoy during fall and winter months, but as you build new fire day-to-day in burning season as wood ashes build-up, knowing how to handle it is key. 

Here we will discuss if it is a good idea to remove wood ashes from your fireplace every time you build a fire and if not, what homeowners need to do with wood ashes from your fireplace. 

Do you Need to Remove Wood Ashes?

It is not a good idea to remove wood ashes completely from your fireplace every time you build a fire, instead, you should maintain a 1-inch layer of ash on the floor of the firebox during the regular heating season. Leaving this layer of ash it will make it easier to build and maintain a fire and protect the floor of the firebox. 

But ash removal is important when it comes to extending the lifespan of your fireplace. Don’t let ashes become deep enough to come in contact with the fireplace grate, this prohibits airflow to your fire that can cause the grate to burn out prematurely from the exposure to the excessive heat. If the layer of ashes is deep enough it will also reduce the space to place new wood in the fireplace.

When the burning season is over it is appropriate to completely remove all the ashes from the fireplace and stove. If you leave these ashes for longer they can potentially draw moisture that can cause the metal structure damage. 

To make life more enjoyable during the burning season please follow these recommendations provided by the chimney experts. Always treat removed ashes with a great deal of respect and don’t leave them unattended for a long. 

After knowing how essential remove ashes built up from your fireplace ash removal is will become a chore of your fireplaces. To remove ash efficiently these are the proper tools every homeowner needs to do it right. 

Tools Needed to Remove Ash

  • A metal or earthenware bucket, it must be a non-combustible material
  • Ash shovel 
  • Fire-resistant gloves
  • Face mask (optional) 

To prevent injuries and property damages it’s important to have the proper tools to remove wood ashes from your fireplace. Once having these tools you’re ready to securely remove wood ashes from your fireplace.

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